Fairway Technologies Launches Brand New Website

Website designed and built with the latest technologies to improve visitor experience


La Jolla, CA – October 1 2011 – Fairway Technologies, a San Diego-based technology consulting and software development firm, today announced it has released a newly designed website to improve its user experience. The site is located at www.fairwaytech.com.


The new website takes full advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 to optimize the web experience across multiple platforms, enhance web forms such as search boxes and text inputs, improve integration with social networking sites, and provide a richer experience.


Fairway Technologies made significant improvements to the navigation, content, flow and overall look and feel of the website.


The new site allows visitors to quickly and easily gain an understanding of who Fairway Technologies is (an IT Consulting Firm), what they do (Technology Consulting and Software Development Services), and the culture they embody (tech-savvy experts who are friendly to work with).


The website moved from its previous Content Management System (CMS) back end to a WordPress CMS in order to take advantage of the extensive open source WordPress community which makes available countless themes, plug-ins and user forums. The website was designed and built entirely with in-house Fairway Technologies resources, including effort from the Directors of Technology, Creative, and Marketing, along with a summer intern now enrolled at Stanford University.


The new fairwaytech.com takes advantage of Google Web Fonts, thus allowing good design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ”In the past, websites were stuck using standard device fonts such as Verdana and Arial in order to ensure search engines could pick up keywords. Alternately, many designers would use images to display “creative” fonts if they wanted something unique, which loses SEO benefits,” remarked Jessica Colton, Creative Director at Fairway Technologies. Colton continued, “We have implemented Google Web Fonts for client web projects and realized it would be a good fit for the new Fairway site as well. It opens up many more options for designers to make a visual impact with better branded fonts, without losing SEO.”


The website offers visitors a new Frequently Asked Questions page and a Resources section to share market insight, white papers and recorded webinars. The large format background images change with every new page, giving visitors a unique experience every time they visit the website.