Fairway Technologies Examines the Cost of Quality in Technology Outsourcing with New White Paper

White paper offers proven strategies to reduce project risk while increasing value


San Diego, CA – July 24, 2012 – The technology outsourcing trend has been growing for decades. As more and more companies continue to outsource at least some IT functions, the importance of demanding quality when outsourcing has become a critical factor in reducing project risk while increasing value.


Fairway Technologies, a San Diego-based technology consulting and software development firm, examines the correlation between quality and outsourcing costs with a new white paper titled, “You Get What You Pay For – How Demanding Quality in Technology Outsourcing Delivers Value.” Supported by an independent online survey, industry research, and interviews with IT outsourcing experts, this white paper validates the Cost of Quality as a reliable metric, and illustrates the direct influence that quality has on outsourcing costs. The new white paper is available for download at http://www.fairwaytech.com/resources/white-papers.


Additionally, the white paper describes how quality is a key component for effective management of the Triple Constraint: scope, schedule and budget. Sacrifices made to these constraints generally leads to lower quality, which inevitably results in increased costs. Outcomes specifically related to technology outsourcing as the result of using a lower quality provider are presented, along with proven strategies for identifying a quality outsource provider.


“People always want things cheaper and faster, and it’s no different when it comes to outsourcing,” said Brett Humphrey, CEO of Fairway Technologies. “Balancing a project’s scope, schedule and budget without sacrificing quality isn’t easy. But all IT projects run into snags. No project is fail-proof or fool proof, and trade-offs will always be required. The eventual success or failure of a project is determined by careful evaluation and prioritization of project components, and a thorough understanding of how quality contributes to overall business objectives and expectations. Once you have this figured out, maintaining project quality and integrity becomes simple.”


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Additional white papers, client case studies, and information about quality technology outsourcing are available on the company’s website at www.fairwaytech.com


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