Fairway Unveils Redesigned Website

New site delivers multiple enhancements for a richer user experience

San Diego, CA – June 13, 2013 – Fairway Technologies, a San Diego-based technology consulting and software development firm, today announced it has released a newly designed website featuring multiple enhancements to improve its user experience. The site is located at www.fairwaytech.com.

The new website is modeled after the recently popular single page layout in order to provide a richer user experience, and utilizes responsive design in order to render across multiple form factors. The single page layout allows users to scroll, or use anchor navigation links, to quickly get to the content they are looking for. Fairway also made significant improvements to the navigation, content, and overall look and feel of the website.

“The days of non-scrolling content are over,” said Jessica Colton, Creative Director at Fairway Technologies. “Changes to technology such as quality track pads and advanced mice, make scrolling effortless. We can now give users a lot more information than ever before on the homepage. Instead of hunting and clicking and getting lost in multiple levels of the site, we have brought everything up to the forefront.”

The new site also utilizes WordPress, today’s most widely used content management system, in order to take advantage of the extensive open-source support. The website was designed and built exclusively by Fairway Technologies internal resources, including efforts from Technology, Creative, and Marketing.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, the redesigned website positions the Fairway Technologies brand and value proposition front and center. Upon first impression, visitors gain an immediate understanding of who Fairway is, areas of expertise, services provided, and company culture. All of this is achieved with just a quick swipe of the mouse.

“There is a collective sense of pride around this redesign,” said Brett Humphrey, CEO at Fairway Technologies. “The successful collaboration of creative, design and development are a testament to the exceptional talent and passion of our team. Our new site not only reflects the depth and comprehensiveness of our services, but also matches up well with the heart and soul of Fairway.”