You’re Getting Old

If you were ever curious as to what your age really amounted to, there’s a nerdy new web app that will help put your life in perspective (and just might initiate a mid-life crisis at the same time).

Fittingly called, “You’re Getting Old,” the app reveals interesting facts and stats personalized to each user’s time on Earth. Intrigued, I had to test this app out for myself. I entered my birth date and received a litany of eye opening data including:

  • The moon has orbited the earth 514 times since I was born
  • When I was born there were approximately 4,148,897,604 other people alive on Earth
  • The total number of candles on all my birthday cakes so far is 741

Hmmm…what’s the point of this app again?

Oh right… I’m old. Got it.

And now I’ve got all sorts of fancy charts and factoids to prove it.


Think you can handle the truth? Throw your birth date into “You’re Getting Old” and see how bad it really is.

But you’d better hurry. Your time is running out.