How to Take Fireworks Pics That Don’t Completely Suck

fireworks2With the fourth of July holiday upon us, we felt it was our duty to help our fellow Americans capture the spirit of the festivities by sharing tips on how to take photos of fireworks that don’t completely suck. And let’s be honest, we could all use a little help in this area.

Mashable rounded up some helpful tips on how to take the best shot, from experimenting with different camera features to trying out advanced mobile apps.

According to the article, here are some general things you should know before you take your Instagram-worthy photos:

  • First things first, don’t wait too long to take pictures. Once the fireworks get going, the sky starts to get smoky, which will cloud up your photograph, Mashable‘s photo staff says.
  • Turn off your flash, and don’t bother zooming in. That diminishes your photo’s quality.
  • Get a good spot. Make sure you’re as close to the show as you can be. Then, scope out the landscape. You don’t want anything blocking you from the full breadth of the light show.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different positions. Photographer Dave Krugman, who has more than 93,000 Instagram followers, tells Mashable that including spectators and contextual elements can tell more of a story than a straight on shot.

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