Learn Functional Programming

After completing a ridiculous amount of research over the past couple of month, I presented on functional programming early last week. Even though I’ve playing with F# quite a bit lately, I didn’t focus […]

Backup & Restore Strategy

You never know when “life” will happen-loss, theft, damage, infection, etc-and I’ve been unprepared too many times. So I’ve created a complete backup & restore strategy, which has reduced my downtime from as much […]

Smartphone Screens – Another Wireless Variable

This is a good item to read as a follow-up on the Wireless Application Market article. Regardless of what platform you’ve decided to develop for, UI design is going to be another issue for […]

Wireless Application Market

Thinking of building a wireless application? Great! Just head over to Apple and download the iPhone SDK, or maybe head over to Blackberry and look into their SDK, or check out Microsoft, or Java, […]

Head First AOP

I did a presentation on Aspect-Oriented Programming at our company CodeBrew yesterday. I was really happy with how well the talk came together and I was delighted by all of the positive feedback. My […]