Tech Tip – Sharing Screenshots Using Snagit

This week, Fairway’s Director of Software Engineering, Ray Mitchell, offers a helpful tip to make sharing screenshots easier. “While working remotely with others I often find it helpful to send them screenshots.  Many times […]

Have You Seen The New CommNexus Website?

Attention all members of the local high-tech community! CommNexus, San Diego’s non-profit technology industry association, recently launched a new website specifically designed to provide visitors with a more interactive and informative experience.If you haven’t […]

Apple to Buy Beats Electronics? No diggety…

Apple is reportedly finalizing a deal to acquire Beats Electronics for a whopping $3.2 billion. VentureBeat published an article yesterday stating, “The deal will supposedly be announced next week, according to the Financial Times, […]

Cascading Selects with Backbone.js, Stickit, and Select2

Cascading select boxes, dependent dropdown lists, that thing where what you choose in one list updates the choices in another list…  whatever you call it, it’s something we need to do a lot as […]

Software Developer Is The Best Job of 2014

At Fairway, we’ve always known that software development is an underrated art form that rarely seems to get the kind of respect and attention it deserves. Let’s be honest. Only in recent years has […]

Making C# Enums Available Within Your Javascript

What’s the problem that I’m trying to solve? In my current project, I have a set of Enums on my server that represent certain lookup data.  For example, I have a PhoneType and AddressType […]

Fairway Technologies’ CEO Elected to Board of Directors at CommNexus

San Diego, CA – March 20, 2014 –Fairway Technologies, a San Diego-based technology consulting and software development firm, announced that Brett Humphrey, CEO, has been elected to the Board of Directors of CommNexus and […]

Scala Password Hash

I’m working on a spray framework REST based tech demo project, and I want to securely store passwords as salted hashes in a database. I took a look around at existing projects, and couldn’t […]

Book Review: Discover Meteor

I first looked at the Meteor.js web framework shortly after its release. I remember thinking it had a lot of promise and cataloged it as something to check on in the future. I finally […]

Cool Things You Can Do With the Windows Address Bar in Windows 7

Overview Sometimes getting stuff in Windows is a pain in the… well… it’s a pain.  Maybe I want to shut down the SQL Server service on my machine.  To do that, I have to […]