Configure WordPress Properly in IIS 7+

Overview I always have a bunch of issues dealing with media, plugins, and ftp when trying to get WordPress running on IIS.  If you have seen errors like “Could not remove the old plugin, […]

Soft-Delete As a Cross-Cutting Concern With SharpRepository

Overview Doing soft deletes is a very common requirement or preference used in software development and it has many benefits including the main one of not accidentally losing data since it is never actually […]

Simple Auditing As a Cross-cutting Concern With SharpRepository

Depending on the exact needs of your application a very simple audit trail might be all you need.  If that is the case here, there is a simple way to handle that within SharpRepository. […]

Getting Your Hooks Into SharpRepository

Overview A little while back I noticed that a GitHub user had forked SharpRepository and added some simple hooks into it in order to automatically index entities into Lucene when they are added, updated […]

Understanding Grunt – Part 2: Automated Testing with Mocha

In the first part of this tutorial on Grunt, we covered linting, concatenation, and minification using the Grunt build tool. If you haven’t read that article yet, it would be a good idea to […]

Understanding Grunt – Part 1: Installation, Linting, Concatenation, and Minification

Grunt has become the go-to build tool for the node.js environment. This multi-part tutorial will demonstrate how to configure Grunt to perform common tasks required on Node.js projects. The first part of the tutorial […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Querying LDAP with Ruby. Also Spaceballs.

Overview I’m at a point in my project where I need to look up stuff.  No doubt you’re saying something like “Duh – programs need to look up stuff all the time, dummy!  THAT’S […]

Delayed_Job, Ruby Serialization Woes and Big Trouble in Little China

Okay – a couple things.  First thing’s first – have you seen Big Trouble in Little China?  If you haven’t, you should.  You’re really missing out on a fun adventure flick.  As a matter […]

Formatting Diff Output Into A Word Document

Why would you ever want to do that? One of my recent projects involved optimizing an existing application and squeezing out as much performance as possible.  In a development environment, we started with the […]

Using A Common Base Class Across Entity Framework Database First Entities

Background Recently I’ve been working on adding the ability to hook separate cross-cutting concerns into SharpRepository, and the latest version of this code has these concerns added to the entities themselves as attributes.  Since […]