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Upgraded Software Speeds Ramp-Up Time, Boosts Quantity of Students Who Can Participate in Common Core Testing

Smarter Balanced test delivery software upgrade by Fairway Technologies dramatically increases performance and load capacity. San Diego, CA September 23, 2016 – San Diego-based Fairway Technologies has released an upgrade to the Smarter Balanced […]

“Computer hacks, attacks, and outages” an interview with Tom Sanders by Bronson Tang

With the recent, and unfortunately all too common computer attacks on major companies, I thought I would take a moment to speak briefly with Tom Sanders from Serinus42. His company is responsible for the […]

Can Google Rid the World of Cyberattacks?

According to recent reports, a new team at Google is aiming to be the cybersecurity superheroes of the Internet. The special team is called Google Project Zero, and they’re looking to eliminate those nasty […]

High-Tech Gadgets To Spice Up Your Summer Grill

Attention grill masters! Summer has officially arrived, and with it comes the time-honored tradition of backyard cookouts! If you’re hosting a barbecue this season, Mashable has compiled a list of cool tech gadgets that […]

How to Take Fireworks Pics That Don’t Completely Suck

With the fourth of July holiday upon us, we felt it was our duty to help our fellow Americans capture the spirit of the festivities by sharing tips on how to take photos of […]

High Tech Breathing?

As a part-time yoga instructor, I’m constantly reminding students to breathe. I’m not talking about the mindless inhalations and exhalations that most of us to take, but rather, really deep, diaphragmatic breath cycles. Why […]

The World Cup Goes High Tech

The World Cup is in full force, and there’s even more impressive technology behind the world’s most watched tournament this time around. According to MailOnline, the following new technologies and innovations are taking center […]

You’re Getting Old

If you were ever curious as to what your age really amounted to, there’s a nerdy new web app that will help put your life in perspective (and just might initiate a mid-life crisis […]

Introducing Swift, Apple’s New Programming Language For Writing iOS And OS X Apps

At its recent WWDC developer event, Apple introduced a new programming language called Swift. The new language seems poised to replace Objective-C as the main programming language on Apple’s platforms. According to Techcrunch, Swift […]

Tech Tip – Sharing Screenshots Using Snagit

This week, Fairway’s Director of Software Engineering, Ray Mitchell, offers a helpful tip to make sharing screenshots easier. “While working remotely with others I often find it helpful to send them screenshots.  Many times […]