Founded in 1989, AirDye Solutions (formerly Colorep, Inc.) is an innovative technology development and textile design company. AirDye Solutions creates printing and dyeing technologies for textiles that are used for clothing, carpets, furnishings and other surfaces. With offices across the United States and international distribution channels, AirDye Solutions offers over 15,000 unique designs with its patented water-free dye technology that helps sustain the planet.

Tools and technology used:

  • MySQL
  • Linux/Apache
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Growing sales force and highly custom orders could not scale efficiently with manual processes
With a rapidly growing customer base and distributed sales force, AirDye Solutions needed a customer relationship management (CRM) system that could replace their previous manual processes. Every order was unique for each customer – from banners, to carpets, to clothes – with no two orders alike.

Additionally, AirDye Solutions required a shipping manifest system that could retrieve customer, address and order information from the CRM system and automatically generate shipping labels. Both the CRM and shipping systems had to integrate with an accounting system. Each of the three systems required a complete audit-trail.

Fairway integrated & customized CRM, shipping manifest & accounting systems
AirDye Solutions brought in Fairway Technologies to evaluate and recommend options for the three systems. Together, Fairway and AirDye Solutions narrowed the many options based on prevailing business requirements that the solutions have low up-front costs and the ability to integrate easily. SugarCRM Professional Edition, Malvern Manifest System, and Microsoft Dynamics accounting software fit the bill. As part of this project Fairway performed the following:

  • Implemented Malvern shipping manifest system and integrated it with accounting and sales systems
  • Created an integration manager through SugarCRM that produced customer, address and order data in the formats necessary to be ingested by other systems
  • Defined SugarCRM specifications to include shipping information and refined exception handling shipping process
  • SugarCRM is designed for repeated products chosen from a catalog, so Fairway helped define and implement customizations to the CRM order and product modules to manage AirDye’s custom products
  • Developed dynamic reporting from the CRM system to audit shipping and accounting services
  • Migrated the environment from a LAMP stack to Windows and from PHP 4 to PHP 5

AirDye Solutions realized the following benefits as a result of this solution:

  • Sales pipeline grew significantly as a result of the campaign, opportunity and lead management features of SugarCRM
  • Custom and standard reports allowed executives greater visibility and accuracy into the forecast and health of the firm
  • Streamlined the process of ordering, shipping and invoicing
  • Improved customer service with automated order tracking and alerts