Corelogic Credco


CoreLogic Credco, a credit reporting agency and leading provider of specialized credit reports, is in the business of providing the critical data companies need to make credit decisions. Businesses from a wide range of industries rely on the company’s premier menu of full-service credit information solutions to make decisions involving billions of dollars annually. Founded over 50 years ago, today CoreLogic Credco provides one in every two credit reports used by the mortgage lending industry.


Tools and technology used:

  • ASP.NET 2.0 Web Forms
  • Ajax
  • C# 3.0
  • jQuery
  • ExtJS
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Oracle 10g
  • Ektron CMS 400.NET
  • Salesforce API
  • Windows Services


Required resources to develop e-commerce website and integrate core systems

CoreLogic Credco faced a number of challenges as they worked toward integrating their customer facing website with their data-driven e-commerce site, With a complete rebuild of both the and websites, and requirements for numerous new features, Credco employed a large mix of in-house and outsourced project managers, analysts, developers and QA resources. Even with strong technical resources and commitment from business stakeholders across the organization, Credco knew they needed additional help to orchestrate and execute their strategic initiatives. In addition to building and integrating the new website, they needed to integrate with their content management system and with Salesforce.


Fairway helped architect, design, and build new Credco websites
CoreLogic Credco hired Fairway Technologies to help implement the new web site and develop a customer service application from concept to execution. Fairway quickly met Credco’s requirements and provided a variety of services:

  • Fairway performed requirements analysis and business case analysis
  • We provided valuable consultation on the website design, its architecture and graphic design.
  • On the back-end, Fairway implemented the business logic, from design and planning to development and quality assurance.
  • Fairway developed an end-to-end customer service application which required integration with Ektron content management and cloud-based CRM system,
  • To meet customer requests for enhanced search capabilities, Fairway developed an advanced search feature used on the main eCredco landing page.
  • Fairway developed a marketing campaign management tool to help drive traffic to relevant products within the eCredco site.


Fairway Technologies augmented CoreLogic Credco’s team of experts and helped them realize the following benefits:

  • Successful launch of new website, within critical time window.
  • Fairway resources were able to add value immediately to the key strategic initiative at Credco.
  • Smooth code transitions from Fairway developers to Credco’s development team.
  • Comprehensive documentation and training for Credco’s extended team.

“I know the quality of Fairway’s consulting resources is top notch. We needed someone who could jump into our team and add value right away and Fairway did that.”

– Lisa Meyer, VP Project Management Office, CoreLogic Credco