Tools and technology used:

  • ASP.NET MVC 4 (C#/Razor)
  • jQuery
  • Salesforce REST API
  • Click and Pledge API
  • MailChimp API
  • Mandrill API
  • StructureMap
  • Automapper
  • jQuery UI
  • ServiceStack
  • SquishIt
  • T4MVC
  • NUnit
  • RhinoMocks
  • Should
  • NLog


Merge six different websites into one powerful and appealing online presence with an easy to use back-end database to support the new site.

The mission of Insulindependence is to inspire people with diabetes to set fitness goals, educate them on adaptive management strategies through hands-on experience, and equip them to explore their individual capacities.

Conceived by Peter Nerothin in 2005, Insulindependence began with a goal to lead experiential diabetes education expeditions for type 1 youth. The organization has grown steadily with the additional of more wilderness expeditions, new diabetes recreation groups, and the launch of a national membership program. Membership includes 3,500 people across the US, representing more than 20 chapter cities.

In 2012, Insulindependence acquired another organization with a membership database dating back to 1985. Disparities between old and new technologies made merging the legacy database with their current membership system an ordeal.

In addition, Insulindependence faced the challenge of combining its six existing websites into one. Their original web presence included the nonprofit’s home site, a separate social networking website, plus four individual recreation-specific club sites for people with diabetes. The club websites represented an oceanic recreation club, a running and walking club, an outdoor adventure club, and “Triabetes,” the world’s largest triathlon club for people with diabetes.

Insulindependence created these separate websites in order to cater to each club’s specific recreational interests and sponsorship opportunities. However, sustaining six sites required more time and content than staff could effectively manage. And because each website had its own identity, Insulindependence’s overall brand image was weakened.

Insulindependence recognized a decline in constituent engagement that they attributed largely to their fragmented web presence and IT infrastructure. By the time they engaged Fairway, Insulindependence was ready tear everything down and start from scratch.


From requirements gathering through design and deployment, Fairway helped Insulindependence craft a cohesive new website supported by a customized cloud based platform.
Insulindependence had already decided on a Salesforce cloud based platform to power their back-end database. Initially, bids were requested from several firms that focused exclusively on Salesforce implementation. However, they quickly realized that multiple layers of technologies and expertise would be required to execute this project, including mobile app development, security certificates and merchant services, API configurations, design architecture, and a deep understanding of their constituents’ needs.

Insulindependence decided to step back and approach this endeavor from a more sophisticated level. This decision brought them back to Fairway, who they worked with on prior projects. “It ended up being the right choice,” states Peter Nerothin, President.

Working together, Fairway and Insulindependence created realistic goals during the planning phase. They aimed for a solution that would be affordable and enable Insulindependence to continue operating at an expert level as expansion of programs and membership continues. Their vision brought all of these components together in one place on the web, with a single user-friendly front-end for members and an efficient and practical back-end database for staff.

Additionally, the new, all-inclusive site delivered Insulindependence’s specific goals, including:

  • Provide a simple messaging platform for users
  • Persuade members to update their profiles
  • Enable users to purchase items and make donations during registration
  • Incorporate a new rewards system linked to members’ profiles


When the project began, Insulindependence relied on more than a dozen cloud-based software systems and managed data from thousands of spreadsheets. This created a multitude of inefficiencies that restricted productivity and limited the organization’s potential to grow their community. After partnering with Fairway, Insulindependence was able to resolve these inefficiencies and transform into a seamless, scalable enterprise.

Insulindependence achieved many critical benefits by selecting Fairway to lead the project, including:

  • A doubling in membership revenue just one month after launch of the new site
  • A rise in their constituents’ engagement attributed to an improved online user experience and enhanced staff efficiency
  • The ability to enjoy weekends for the first time in nearly eight years, knowing staff would not have massive new data to sort through on Monday
  • The ease of working with the Fairway team who focused on solutions rather than obstacles and adapted to their in-house technology stack, including theagile approach to project management
  • Successfully launching the new website in the time frame desired

Client Endorsement

“Fairway exceeded our expectations. We started with a dream on paper, then watched it transform into reality. The complexities involved with this project made it difficult to articulate our needs in the beginning, but Fairway was there from day one to ask the right questions. Consistent communication throughout was key—Fairway was available and emotionally invested in our success. The whole experience was actually quite fun.”

– Peter Nerothin, President, Insulindependence.