Micropower Technologies


Established in 2008, MicroPower Technologies was founded on the idea that wireless surveillance could be cost effective, easy-to-deploy, secure and highly reliable. The company’s innovative research team designed a comprehensive surveillance system that redefines the market through the use of intelligent algorithms that enhance video quality and reliability, while maximizing cost effectiveness.


Tools and technology used:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver

MicroPower has become a pioneer in the development of an enterprise-class, wireless video surveillance platform applicable to a variety of markets. MicroPower is redefining the use of wireless and solar surveillance in outdoor and perimeter applications. Their completely scalable systems deliver a high level of flexibility and reliability. Led by a dynamic executive and engineering team, MicroPower is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge solutions to increase safety, reduce liability and improve operations. MicroPower products are now in use by clients in the commercial, government, retail, education and public utility industries.

MicroPower Technologies encountered a problem not uncommon for successful start-up companies: Its fast growth left little time to establish a unified brand image consistent across all marketing platforms.
As a result of MicroPower’s highly skilled team and ground-breaking products, business grew quickly. Unfortunately, its growth outpaced its creative marketing strategy, and inconsistencies between the design of MicroPower’s website and its marketing collateral became evident. Without in-house designers, MicroPower was relying on various staff members to develop marketing materials on an as-needed basis. The lack of an experienced designer and professional design tools limited MicroPower’s ability to create and maintain a brand image consistent with its quality, innovative products.

Further complicating the issue was MicroPower’s original website, which was developed by a third party vendor. The vendor did not incorporate a Content Management System within the site to allow for easy content editing. As a result, all changes to the website had to be performed by their third party developer. Edits could take weeks to implement, hindering staff’s ability to execute changes as quickly as desired.

MicroPower also needed help improving the Partner Portal it used to support distributors. The Portal provides documentation and resources to help with sales, marketing and technical assistance. However, the Portal’s registration and approval process was cumbersome, both for users and the in-house processing team.

MicroPower’s executive team recognized that the company was ready to move to the next level, and they were preparing to meet with potential investors. Understanding that a cohesive brand, top-quality marketing materials, and enhanced web presence would be factors in securing the right investors, MicroPower sought to craft a memorable image that was represented consistently across all marketing platforms.


Fairway Technologies developed the creative elements needed to transform MicroPower’s image, and successfully integrated this image throughout MicroPower’s website, marketing materials and Partner Portal.

As a start-up company, MicroPower did not have the expertise available in-house to create a professional, cohesive brand. MicroPower was referred to Fairway Technologies by a Fairway client, who described Fairway as easy to work with, innovative and reliable. MicroPower reached out to Fairway for help with its ambitious branding project. In less than six months, the Fairway team completed the entire redesign.

The process began by sending Fairway’s Creative Director to meet in-person with MicroPower’s executive team at its facility. The face-to-face meetings included stakeholders and decision makers, ensuring that Fairway’s Creative Director gained a deep understanding of MicroPower’s audience and the technology supporting its products. Fairway also discovered that MicroPower wanted to maintain its existing logo throughout the branding initiative. MicroPower provided samples of prior marketing materials and described their vision for the new marketing collateral, website design and brand image. Fairway used these initial meetings to gather the requirements for the new site functionality and brand design.

Next, Fairway created storyboards, mock ups and product illustrations for the new brand and website design concepts. These new marketing elements integrated MicroPower’s desired criteria seamlessly with Fairway’s design recommendations. Fairway honored MicroPower’s wish to keep the existing logo, while creating a complimentary web UI design, print design and other supporting materials. Fairway also created customized templates that outlined all aspects of the new brand identity for MicroPower to use going forward.

In order to maintain an up-to-date online presence, MicroPower needed improved accessibility and control over its website content. To accomplish this, Fairway developed a WordPress site behind the existing static website, and moved the site to a popular and more cost-effective web hosting provider. Using WordPress, MicroPower finally had a much needed Content Management System in place.

Finally, Fairway created a Partner Portal with a completely streamlined process that was simpler and more efficient than their current convoluted process. Fairway also created a pre-registration form for partners on the Partner Portal, which ultimately automated the registration and approval process.


With the redesign approved, Fairway built a full brand suite for MicroPower, which included creation of a new website, presentation templates, datasheet templates, brochures, flyers, booth design, product illustrations, and more. Each element was designed to consistently communicate MicroPower’s enhanced message and unique product offering.

The brand implementation was a success, and MicroPower was very pleased with the results. The benefits MicroPower received by adding Fairway’s expertise to their team included:

  • A compelling and memorable branding strategy present across all platforms.
  • Improved access and ability to edit the content of their website.
  • A significant reduction in the cost of maintaining and updating the site.
  • Enhanced website and Partner Portal functionality, benefitting customers and staff.
  • Improved ability to roll out new marketing campaigns and respond to changing market conditions.
  • Most importantly, MicroPower was successful in its endeavor to connect with investors and receive funding.