Red Mountain Retail


Headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, Red Mountain Group develops, redevelops and invests in retail and mixed-use real estate. Established in 1991, Red Mountain Group’s services include financing, buying, selling, leasing and managing commercial properties throughout the United States, with emphasis in the Southwest.

Tools and technology used:

  • AJAX
  • Java
  • SQL Server
  • JBoss Workflow Engine

The rental agreement process was labor-intensive, costly and inefficient
The commercial real estate industry experiences cyclical fluctuations. Red Mountain Group needed to develop new technologies and re-engineer its internal processes. In order to respond to market spikes effectively, Red Mountain needed to better equip their core team to scale operations.

Red Mountain Group’s rental agreement process was identified as needing the most improvement. The paper-intensive process originated in Los Angeles. From there, paperwork had to be couriered to three other locations in Southern California for approvals, then couriered back to Santa Ana, which typically took three weeks.

Transformed paper-based process into an electronic process and reduced turnaround from three weeks to one day
Fairway Technologies helped Red Mountain Group redefine the rental agreement process, eliminated paperwork in the approval process, and reduced the process’ duration from three weeks to one day. Fairway quickly met Red Mountain’s business requirements and provided the following as part of the solution:

  • Developed a single internal web-based interface that lists all current tasks and real-time updates without requiring page refreshing
  • Optimized the existing workflow specification and architected a robust solution in collaboration with the IT manager
  • Produced a stable production product, complete with new workflow and architecture
  • Together Fairway and Red Mountain Group used iterative development to produce additional product versions after the initial production release

Red Mountain Group realized multiple benefits as a result of this solution:

  • Shortened the rental agreement approval process from three weeks to one day
  • Dramatically reduced and eliminated stacks of paper
  • Improved ability to search, track and manage rental information from a central database
  • Automated business process workflow
  • Freed up Red Mountain staff to work on revenue generating and cost reducing activities