The Ken Blanchard Companies

The Ken Blanchard Companies is a global leader in workplace learning, productivity, performance, and leadership training solutions. With over three decades of helping leaders and organizations, more than 20 million books in print, programs offered in more than 12 languages and clients across six continents,
The Ken Blanchard Companies helps organizations improve their performance, productivity, and bottom-line results.As the innovator of Situational Leadership® II—the most widely taught leadership development system in the world—Ken Blanchard’s behavioral models add a situational context to the training experience so individuals learn to be more productive in real-world scenarios. Learning takes place through both instructor-led and virtual experiences offered by Ken Blanchard’s worldwide network of consulting partners, trainers, and coaches.


Tools and technology used:

  • Adobe® After Effects
  • Adobe® Premiere
  • Adobe® Photoshop
  • Adobe® Indesign
  • Adobe® Illustrator


Modernize a respected 30-year old brand with fresh, updated style that would appeal to a broader demographic

Founded by Drs. Ken and Marjorie Blanchard in 1979, The Ken Blanchard Companies has been globally recognized for helping leaders and organizations lead at a higher level. Driven by three simple goals—to make a difference in people’s lives, to drive human worth and effectiveness in the workplace, and to help each organization become the provider, employer, and investment of choice, Blanchard has built an impressive reputation of leadership excellence that has sustained over 30 years in a highly competitive industry.

As an acknowledged expert in leadership development, Blanchard helps leaders at all levels develop self-insight competence in their leadership roles. The company provides executive coaching, change management consulting, team-building solutions, and leadership training programs such as Situational Leadership® II (SLII®)—the best recognized and most-widely taught leadership model in the world.

As one of Blanchard’s key legacy products, SLII® has successfully dominated the competition and helped drive the company forward. Yet the company was still relying on the original branding and marketing that was created over 30 years ago when the product was first conceived.

With one of the most important industry conferences of year rapidly approaching, the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), Blanchard decided to use the event as a catalyst for a complete redesign. Recognized as the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals, the ASTD was one of Blanchard’s most important marketing initiatives for messaging and awareness. The company wanted to leverage the event by debuting the new SLII brand stylistically through a mix of fashion, video, and upbeat music into their exhibit.


Fairway produced a product awareness video and style reel that reflected the new modernized SLII image while retaining the company’s legacy positioning and leadership reputation
Once Blanchard internally committed to the rebranding initiative, they knew they needed to partner with the best creative and technical minds in the business. Blanchard operated under exceptionally high standards and expected the same of its vendors. Fairway Technologies offered the reputation, technical skillset, and methodology that confidently met all of their requirements.

Highly motivated to unveil an updated brand image at the ASTD Conference, Blanchard came to Fairway with a specific vision and deliverable in mind. Although maintaining the historical integrity of the brand was of paramount importance, Blanchard wanted to repackage the company’s value proposition and messaging into an innovative theme that would reintroduce the SLII brand to the market while engaging a new generation of professional leaders. Since the ASTD Conference would be the platform for this launch, Blanchard wanted to create a unique experience for attendees by developing a customized exhibit with memorable features. Specifically, Blanchard envisioned a product awareness video and style reel that would educate, entertain, and re-inspire clients on the SLII program.

Considered the most important asset in the rebranding effort, Fairway was challenged to translate Blanchard’s brand concept into an effective marketing piece that would illustrate the scope and detail of the SLII curriculum within the specific context of fashion/style.

Under the guidance of Fairway’s Creative Director, the project was initiated with a series of meetings between Fairway experts and the Blanchard team in order to establish a clear understanding of concept, scope, requirements, goals and expectations. This information was then documented and translated into a detailed project plan with designated milestones to ensure accurate conceptual direction and timely execution.

Once all additional resources were identified and put in place, Fairway coordinated and supervised the entire video production process. From preliminary storyboarding to video direction and post production editing, Fairway took a hands-on approach throughout every stage of the project, ensuring consistency of the SLII brand and superior quality across all creative components.

After weeks of careful and skillful crafting, Fairway delivered professional, high-quality videos. The 18 minute video was broken up into six different “chapters”. Each “chapter” was dedicated to inspiring viewers on specific components of the SLII program, while remaining consistent to the fashion/style theme of the campaign. Fairway also designed the eye-catching videos to support multiple touch points within Blanchard’s exhibit at the ASTD Conference, allowing for viewing on a large projection system within the exhibit as well as mobile viewing on iPads.

Fairway completed the following initiatives in support of this project:

    • Video production – including storyboarding
    • Video direction
    • Post production
    • All video graphic/titling work
    • Ensured consistency of the SLII brand across all creative platforms


The completed videos were the finishing touch on a meticulously architected rebranding effort. Blanchard’s fundamental values of excellence, quality and tradition were celebrated within a fun, modernized brand that not only exceeded the company’s expectations but garnered them the prestigious “Best in Show” expo booth award at the ASTD Conference.

Since launching in May, Blanchard’s new SLII brand continues to resonate well with clients, and has helped increase awareness and excitement around the SLII program across a new generation of professionals.

Blanchard also realized the following benefits as a result of working with Fairway:

  • Received a new marketing tool that could be leveraged across a variety of promotional outlets to support and enhance marketing and business initiatives
  • Successfully built excitement around the SLII product using tools that resonate with next generation business leaders
  • Increased brand awareness and recognition to a broader customer base
  • The positive exposure and award recognition at ASTD Conference helped increase lead generation and contributed to a greater conversion rate post-event

Client Endorsement

“Fairway Technologies provides a special blend of technology and creative talent. It is because they hire people with a can-do attitude, and technologists who also have good marketing instincts that they can meet challenging project requirements. We were pleased with Fairway’s work ethic and commitment to quality and this was reflected in the results they delivered.”

– Wendy Wong, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Ken Blanchard Companies