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North American Motorcycle Company Trades Aging Mainframe for Sleek, Custom Solution



Kawasaki’s legacy ordering system was a 25-year-old plus mainframe with aging on-premise hardware that was costly to support and challenging to update. Adding or changing features was difficult which made it hard to find qualified engineers to maintain the application(s). KMC also had several sets of data that were not integrated, resulting in time-consuming ordering operations between the company and dealers across North America.

KMC envisioned creating a modern, integrated system using a combination of commercial off-the-shelf platforms and custom-developed features. Realizing they would need help to accomplish this goal, KMC’s IT team reached out to Fairway for a solution.

KMC and Fairway have a 20+ year history of working and partnering together. Fairway has provided a variety of services over the years including training, products, consulting, and custom development. Fairway took ownership of developing a large section of the overall KMC system, known as the Order Management System (OMS) that provides the order management function for all of North America.


The requirements for KMC’s OMS were highly complex in order to meet users’ multifaceted needs. Integration with multiple data sources was necessary, and data needed to feed into the system in real-time. KMC provided the functional requirements for the system to Fairway. Fairway was responsible for the architectural design, database design, development, UX/UI, unit testing, and integrated testing of the OMS. Since the OMS project was one of many KMC projects within the overall system development, Fairway interfaced with a variety of KMC subject matter experts and also designed and used a variety of API endpoints to enable the integration and movement of data.

As part of the OMS project, Fairway created an entirely new OMS database that integrated several complex databases. The systems that were developed include an On-Hand Inventory, an Order Line Browse function, and Order Search and Browse functions. All of the new systems were implemented and tested, and accessed through a single, streamlined user interface.

Technologies Used:

  • Visual Studio
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • SQL Server
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

About Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp


American Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp (KMC) was established in March of 1966. The first headquarters, an old meat warehouse in Chicago, was a humble beginning. Today, KMC’s annual revenue tops $1.6 billion. With approximately 480 employees and more than 1,500 dealers, KMC is known for sport bikes, classic cruisers, rugged ATVs, and exclusive JET SKI® watercraft.



KMC achieved a fully-integrated order management system across a variety of backend databases and platforms—providing one interface for the order department. The intuitive user interface of the new OMS provides quick and targeted access to pertinent information, preventing users from having to wade through unnecessary information and saving enormous amounts of time. The OMS enables KMC to perform functions that are unique to the combination of domestic and international orders processed by the vehicle order team. KMC’s view is that building the OMS would not have been feasible without a partner, such as Fairway, that is rich in both business knowledge and technical expertise.


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