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Cloud Data Warehousing

Cloud Data Warehousing

As our relationship to data has changed, the tools we use to understand data have transformed too. Fairway supports your enterprise with best-of-breed tools that advance your business. Our cloud data warehousing solutions include:

  • Unlimited scalability: Scale to unlimited users with ease.
  • Elasticity: Utilize compute resources that are elastic. Only get charged for what you use!
  • High-availability: Leverage Amazon or Azure regions for true high availability across the cloud.
  • Comprehensive Security: PCI, SOC 2, and HIPAA compliant solutions with multi-factor authentication and role-based granular access control.
  • Performance and Simplicity: Enjoy the benefits of utilizing the best performing solutions that are the easiest to manage.
  • Multiple schemas: including star, snowflake, and cube schemas.
  • Data lakes, data marts, and data mart consolidation

Our technology partner is: Snowflake

Our technology partner:

Snowflake Partner

Have any questions about what this means for your business? We can assess your current data architecture at no cost and make recommendations that will streamline your data and support your organization. Become a data-driven business with Fairway.