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Data Pipelines

Data Pipelines

The efficient flow of data from one location to another is a crucial process for today’s data-driven businesses. Corrupted data, duplicates, and bottlenecks undermine your data’s reliability. Furthermore, these issues increase in scale and impact as more data sources are added. At Fairway, we understand the importance of clean, secure data running through a streamlined system. We utilize partnerships with the following companies to bring you best-in-breed solutions: Databricks, Confluent, Fivetran, Talend, and Matillion. Our data pipelines services include:

  • ETL, ELT, and EL services: We specialize in extraction-transformation-load, extraction-load-transformation, and extraction-load services using best-in-breed tools and technologies.
  • Traditional data pipeline: In addition to cutting-edge data pipelines, we can help you create a fast and secure data pipeline to support your business’s needs.
  • Event-driven data pipeline: For enterprises with large amounts of data generated from services such as streaming video or event attendance, Fairway provides solutions that allow businesses to track real-time events and provide near-real-time offers to customers.
  • Real-time and batch processing: Solutions tailored to your enterprise’s needs.

Our partners include:

Do you have any questions about your business and data pipelines? Chat with a Fairway expert to get a data assessment. Take your recommendations with you at no cost or we can help you execute your plan.