CEL & Associates, Inc.


CEL & Associates Inc. services over 500 clients across the US, Canada and Europe providing real estate consultancy services emphasizing strategy, data analysis, and market insights. CEL & Associates has a long history of creating, managing and administering award-winning real estate surveys and offering a library of benchmark data. Clients use CEL & Associates to measure satisfaction within commercial, residential, facilities, brokerage and other real estate related environments.


Tools and technology used:

  • ASP.NET 3.5
  • C# 3.0
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Maverick.NET
  • iBatis.NET
  • jQuery


Needed to connect with third party data and update aging infrastructure

CEL & Associates realized they should upgrade their legacy infrastructure to current technologies in order to develop efficient solutions, stay competitive and plan for future development. Improving system reliability, security and efficiency were also paramount to the firm achieving its goals.

CEL & Associates needed to improve its online surveys by integrating third party web services. They also needed to improve reporting and give administrators greater control to customize permissions, define process workflows, and easily import new users.


Integrated web services and improved stability, accessibility and efficiency
Working closely with CEL & Associates, Fairway helped define business requirements and identify necessary enhancements for the survey improvement project and other key initiatives. As a technology partner, Fairway engaged with CEL & Associates across multiple initiatives. Fairway Technologies:

  • Integrated with third party web service that augments CEL’s access to key, relevant data.
  • Developed an interface that allows administrators to granularly customize permissions and add new users, instead of having to dive into the SQL database.
  • Helped CEL & Associates realize efficiency gains and adopt technology best practices, by moving them from an older ASP.NET 1.1 platform to the latest 3.5 release.
  • Migrated the entire system to a new ser ver and more stable environment.


CEL & Associates benefitted from partnering with Fairway in the following ways:

  • With complete integration to the 3rd party system, complementary data augmented the overall value of CEL & Associates system.
  • Business users have the ability to set granular user permissions, instead of relying on IT.
  • With the server migration and .NET upgrade, CEL & Associates server up time and reliability dramatically improved.
  • Vulnerability of the system was reduced by implementing best practice security measures.