Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas has redefined the movie theatre experience. Offering a uniquely intimate and comfortable environment, Cinépolis pampers customers with deluxe amenities including; upscale lobby and concierge area, plush leather electric reclining seats complete with foot rest, full kitchen and bar, in-seat wait service, and state-of-the-art digital sound and projection equipment. As the fourth largest movie house company in the world, and biggest in Latin America, Cinépolis opened its first United States theatre in the summer of 2011 in Del Mar, California and more recently a theater in La Costa, California. Cinépolis plans to open three additional luxury cinemas in Southern California with continued expansion over the next few years.


Tools and technology used:

  • .NET 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows Azure
  • SQL Azure


Cinépolis needed to establish a web presence in the US to launch new luxury movie theatre

Although Cinépolis had a thriving business in Mexico and throughout Latin America, their existing websites were non-transferable to the English-speaking US market and the overall site architecture and design didn’t fit the North American brand. Cinépolis wanted to refresh its image by building a new, upscale website with an enhanced user experience to complement the $7 million renovation of their first US luxury cinema in Del Mar, California.

In order to help distinguish the uniqueness of the brand, Cinépolis wanted the aesthetic impact of the new website to be synonymous with luxury and sophistication. Cinépolis also needed the new website to offer seamless online seat selection, ticket purchasing, and fully integrate with Vista Entertainment and Cinema Ticketing Software, a global leader in entertainment software solutions. Vista’s Data and Ticketing API’s would be integrated to pull movie listings, update show times, enable guests to reserve advance seating online, and process credit card payments, while an API from would power all movie trailers, synopsis, photos, and all other related movie information.

As Cinépolis further defined their vision and expectations surrounding the user experience for the new website, it became evident that external knowledge and resources would be required to customize and implement the necessary Vista integrations. Cinépolis needed a team of experts who could quickly provide the technical and creative skills to achieve their desired results.


Fairway completed dynamic site redesign with all functional requirements while successfully elevating brand identity

Cinépolis selected Fairway Technologies to create their new website and connect it to the back-end Vista Entertainment System. Fairway’s team of creative and technical experts initiated the project with an in-depth analysis of the existing site in order to determine the most efficient development approach.

Once the existing site had been carefully surveyed, Fairway began to analyze Cinépolis’ key business drivers and formulate a recommendation that would support the cinemas short and long-term strategies. In anticipation of Cinépolis’ continued growth and expansion, Fairway concluded that a hosting environment with dual virtual servers would be ideal. This scenario would not only scale most effectively, but would also accommodate any increases in website traffic without disruption to site performance or efficiency. After determining that a web hosting option would be required, Fairway conducted a detailed review and testing of various solutions and ultimately recommended Microsoft Azure as the best fit.

Upon collaborating with key decision-makers from Cinépolis to ensure the company’s vision was accurately captured and portrayed within the new design, Fairway began the diligent architecture of the company’s US website, leveraging the latest Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework and ASP.NET MVC3.

Dynamic, interactive features, such as enhanced ticket selection, latest movie trailers and visual seating selection, were emphasized to engage users while simplifying the user experience. Due to the scope and impact of the Vista integration, Fairway observed careful measures during the planning phase in order to ensure zero downtime and minimal disruptions to both internal and external users.

To further compliment the branding that Cinépolis desired, Fairway conceptualized and implemented a unique online custom seat selection system that captured the true essence and experience of the luxury cinema. Instead of presenting visitors with the standard generic seating charts, Cinépolis guests were able to view a realistic theatre environment, complete with custom illustrations that replicated the finer details of the Cinépolis experience including the leather reclining seats, table lamps, and highlighted figures positioned in the seats to indicate availability.


As a result of working with Fairway, Cinépolis not only received an updated website that effectively elevated their brand, but also enjoyed a successful launch of their new US theatre in tandem with the website release as planned.

Additional benefits included:

  • Microsoft Azure hosted cloud environment offered Cinépolis substantial cost savings
  • Dual virtual servers ensures no downtime with new releases, better performance and future scalability
  • Upscale, enhanced user experience on the website fully captured the luxury brand image Cinépolis wanted to convey

Client Endorsement

“We came to Fairway during an exciting, yet pivotal time in the company’s growth. Our expansion into the US market was a milestone event, and our success was dependent on an accurate introduction of the Cinépolis brand and experience, which would be delivered via our new website. Fairway not only tackled this project with the utmost professionalism and expertise, but effortlessly captured our vision and delivered impressive results within a tremendously aggressive timeframe. You don’t get much better than Fairway.”

– Alejandro Saenz, Marketing Manager at Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas