Founded in 2009, Projecis is a cloud-based knowledge convergence platform that enables project stakeholders to easily and securely connect teams, organize data, and disseminate information. Projecis is particularly useful for project managers in industries where data collection, diverse teams and varied and multiple deadlines
are inherent such as clinical research, software development and entertainment production.

Tools and technology used:

  • ASP.NET 4
  • Entity Framework 4
  • C# 4.0
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 RC 2
  • IIS 7
  • jQuery
  • NServiceBus

Industry-veteran needed to turn a great product idea into reality
After achieving much industry success, the founder of Projecis had a wealth of domain knowledge in clinical research and project management.  He wanted to modernize the way project team members do their job, by leveraging the benefits of video and online sharing. As a start-up business, Projecis needed to find technical talent to turn its vision into a working and secure software platform that could be successfully launched to the competitive project management marketplace.

Fairway developed a secure, cloud-based project management platform
Projecis enlisted Fairway Technologies to lead the technical team and move the product from concept to prototype to a fully functional market-ready software platform. In addition, Fairway designed and developed the Projecis website. Fairway performed the following:

  • Gathered requirements and produced thorough technical and functional documentation
  • Designed, built and implemented a hosted software platform, including these robust features:
    • Cloud-based access to project content, including status, cost measures, task lists, files, member profiles, professionally produced video news and user-submitted video
    • Project security, including rules, team member roles and permission levels
    • Project history and project health
    • Email or upload content, such as data and reports, to share with team members
    • Connect and collaborate with team members via Skype, IM/chat, email, text, landline or mobile phone
  • Designed the product user interface
  • Designed and developed the public website,


  • The working prototype helped secure investor funding and generate early market interest
  • The vision of the platform was turned into a reality
  • Fairway provided the same dedicated resources throughout the development cycle, which streamlined efficiency
  • Fairway gave Projecis a one-stop solution for all: requirements, documentation, coding, UI, server management, project management, website creation and demos