Station Casinos


Station Casinos owns and operates eight major entertainment complexes and five smaller casinos in the Las Vegas, Nevada metropolitan area. Station Casinos pioneered and developed the “locals” gaming market in Las Vegas and caters primarily to people who live and work in the area.

Tools and technology used:

  • Entity Framework with SQL 2008
  • Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Projects
  • jQuery

Highly aggressive deadline to develop a complete website for new ad campaign
Station Casinos needed to create a new website to complement their”We Love Locals”TV ad campaign that would launch during Super Bowl XLV on local Las Vegas channels. They needed a team of Web Development experts that could build a sophisticated website in a very short time frame.

Station Casinos had hired creative agency Sixteenfifty to invent the design of the entire campaign, yet they needed technical muscle in order to execute the vision of the website. They needed help gathering requirements, building out the framework, integrating the site with third-party services, testing, configuring the server, and launching the website into production with less than two weeks from start to finish.

Compelling website fully integrated and launched within aggressive deadline
Station Casinos, working together with Sixteenfifty, turned to Fairway Technologies for our ability to quickly develop, test and launch a complete website from the ground up. The following elements were integral parts of the solution:

  • In less than two weeks, Fairway developed the robust and professional site
  • Microsoft ASP.NET MVC3 was the platform that allowed Fairway to rapidly develop, customize, integrate, test and launch the website
  • Fairway integrated with the following third-party services:
  • ExactTarget to manage email campaigns
  • SkyPie to enable coupon redemption via smartphones and interactive voice response
  • Station Casino’s web service to consolidate user information
  • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to connect with social networking sites
  • Experience and expertise enabled Fairway to work efficiently with all stakeholders and keep the project moving toward completion

Fairway Technologies helped Station Casinos and Sixteenfifty realize the nearly impossible vision of launching a brand new website in less than two weeks. Other key benefits included:

  • Successful launch with over 1,000 online coupons purchased within 2 days
  • Website realizing up to 44% conversion rate on viewed coupons
  • New website launched on time as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign
  • Flexibility and agile methods allowed for a successful launch amidst shifting requirements